Write Your Story
Write Your Life Story

My name is David P. Therrien and over the years I have written 17 books. They are not big, long books but they are inspiring. I believe inspiration is the fuel for life. Though I will continue to write inspiring books, I had the idea. Hey, why don’t I write about the lives of people?
Every life is a gift and your life is no different. I would be honored to help you to leave a legacy of your life and don’t sell yourself short, your life has meant something to more people than you realize.

Write Your Life Story
How much is your “Life Story” worth? It should be worth a lot because it’s the story of “you.” Whether you realize it or not, your life has touched many people. It has touched people who you have spent countless hours with and it has touched people who have just had a brush in time with you.
Whatever the case, there is only one of you and you are a very valuable person to this world.
You have been created for a purpose so your precious life should not be forgotten.

Below is a Template to help you to assemble your thoughts.

1. Look at your life along the lines of time. Try to go back as far as you can remember and begin to jot down important events. Some of them may be fun times and others, perhaps not so fun. Remember, this is “your” story. And there is only one of you!

2. Mention names of people who have been influential in your life. Your story should let them know they have had an impact on you, even in the smallest way. One reason for putting your “Life Story” in print is to let them know how thankful you are for having them in your life. This could include children or other close family members, aunts, uncles, friends and coworkers.

3. It’s okay to be honest. Every life has ups and downs, good times and bad times. Use your judgment, be transparent but do not humiliate anyone.

4. In spite of how difficult your life may have been, have a positive ending. There is good in every life, you just have to look for it. A beautiful flower, a laughing child and a person you may have helped or has helped you adds beauty to your life.

Record Your CD
After you have made your talking points get a cup of water and your CD recorder. Begin to tell your story. Don’t worry about making mistakes. You are not recording an album. You are giving me facts to write in your “Life Story” book. I know what to write and what to leave out, like your “uh’s and “mmm. let me see,” type phrases. Just keep talking. You have an hour.

Typing The Book
After recording your CD, you will mail it to me and I will begin to record your life for posterity. I will then send you a PROOF copy of the book for your editing purposes. You are going to give a final approval of the content. You may want to change some things after you see them in print. Sometimes reading something is a little different than saying something.

Final Copy
You will send the PROOF back to me for a final edit. I will then make the necessary changes and send you two copies of your completed “Life Story.”
If you are satisfied with the PROOF, you may keep the PROOF and email me that you are ready to go to print with your book.
I cannot stress enough how valuable your life is. It is certainly worth leaving a legacy. A legacy is how you will be remembered after you are gone.

Total cost of your “Life Story” is $250.00
There are two ways you can make payment.
1. By check or money order to: David P. Therrien
1436 G.A.R. Highway
Swansea, MA 02777

2. Go to www.inspiringbooks.org
Use the Pay Pal app.

Initial payment - $125.00 (accompanies CD of your “Life Story.”
One time edit - FREE
Final Payment - $125.00 (with returning PROOF or email confirmation that you are satisfied with the PROOF.)
Two finished paperback copies with a color cover will be mailed to you.
Ordering copies – You may order as many copies as you like (they make a great gift).
Each additional copy - $12.00 (includes free shipping)

The book must be a 24 page minimum. If you fall a little short, I will work with you to bring it up to at least 24 pages. Chances are, this will not be an issue. You can also include some pictures that you can provide by email.

The Book Cover

To help me personalize your “Life Story” you may offer suggestions on what you would like the cover to look like. You may send a picture as well that you would like on the cover of your book.

You have done something that most people have never even dreamed of; you put your “Life Story” in a book for all to enjoy. Your legacy will live on in future generations. Think of it, your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have a standing account of your life. That is something that you cannot put a price on.

Get started.

Start jotting down notes about your life. This may take a week or two or however long you need.
Then, record your CD. I would recommend that you do this in one sitting. This will keep your thoughts clear and concise. Once you finish recording your “Life Story,” take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back and mail in the CD. Then, try to be patient as the anticipation builds while you are awaiting your PROOF. The PROOF will be sent to you within two weeks for your approval or editing.

I wish you Godspeed.
David P.Therrien